mardi 08 juin

[Palabres] The One-Man Band

J'ai écrit cette petite histoire en anglais. A lire lentement...


The kick.
The kick comes from his heart.

The snare is his teeth slamming on every four heart-beat.

The beat goes on as he walks on the sidewalk of the score.
He never slows down but sometimes he jumps a little to break the monotony of the rythm. When he feels people's attention, he opens his mouth so the snare stops, and his vocal chords turn into a violin. The whistle begins very high, slow and soft.
He starts to snap so the snare comes back, increasing.
He suddenly runs and kicks on every note he sees on the score. His hair is floating and creates discreet sounds. He beats his torso with his fists and screams louder to outshine the kick, the snare and the hair melody.
He tries to stop running but he can't !
His steps are even faster,
the whistle becomes sliced,
the heart-beat speeds up...

His arms stopped beating !
He's still running but he doesn't master his body anymore,
the rythm slows down and the whistle gets chaotic.
As he falls down, his hair create an incredibly loud puff !

There is no whistle anymore but the teeth slamming very fast and... Stop ! On an ending jangle.
The heart-beat his now too silent to be heard...

I think he swallowed his tongue !
Can you hear the beat anymore ?

No. I think he's dead...

What do you thi... Euh ! Qu'est-ce que vous en pensez ?
See ya !

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